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Do any of these situations fit you?


tick-button-icon Is the QuickBooks software you purchased still
sitting in an unopened box in your desk drawer?

tick-button-icon Not sure if QuickBooks is set up correctly?

tick-button-icon Do you find it difficult, if not impossible, to generate
accurate profit & loss statements and/or other financial reports?

No problem, we can help install your QuickBooks software and get you set up correctly in a matter of hours!

Are you already installed, but just stuck? Steiner Business Solutions can help by reviewing what you’ve already done to make sure everything is where it should be and that QuickBooks is set up properly. Typically, if QuickBooks was set up by someone who does not have an accounting background (ex: employee, spouse or family member - which is very common), there’s an excellent chance that QuickBooks was not set up correctly.  

We can help you by offering you personalized 1-On-1 QuickBooks training specific to your business


Not understanding how to use QuickBooks properly will lead to inefficiency, wasted time, costly mistakes, inaccurate financial records, and lots of headaches and frustration.

Steiner Business Solutions can help you avoid all those problems by setting up QuickBooks properly. Our QuickBooks specialists will interview you to find out how your business operates and then custom configure QuickBooks so that it is set up specific to your business. 

We teach you only what you need to know in order to do the best job possible, and only what pertains to your business - nothing more. All of our QuickBooks personalized training is custom tailored for each client. Your time is valuable and we know it. Our goal is to teach people basic accounting techniques without turning them into accountants. 

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